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Chompie's Chanukah Dinner and Blue Velvet Cupcakes in Today's Eater's Digest

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Hanukkah, Chanukah
However you spell it, Happy Hanukkah! Celebrate one night of the eight-day holiday extravaganza (which starts at sundown tonight) with Phoenix's New York-style deli, Chompie's. The beloved family restaurants will be hosting their annual Chompie's Chanukah Dinner Wednesday, December 21st through Friday, December 23rd from 4 to 9 p.m. Your meal starts with a basket of freshly baked breads and your choice of matzo ball, mushroom barley, or sweet and sour cabbage soup. Then choose your entree -- brisket, roast chicken with stuffing, or a salmon filet with lemon & dill sauce. Each entree comes with glazed carrots and your choice of potato including Chompie's famous latke. Finish things off with a sweet cherry cheese or apple strudel topped with fresh whipped cream or a warm fudge brownie. Chompie's Chanukah Dinner will also be available for take out. Click here for all the details. 

14 Days of December Desserts - Day 12 
Holiday desserts don't always have to be of the red, green, and peppermint variety. Feast your eyes on these beautiful Blue Velvet Cupcakes from Heather at Sprinkles Bakes. Check out the recipe for these sweet cakes here and find out Heather's secret to the perfect shade of blue. 

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