Chou's Kitchen: An Adventure to Northeastern China

In the Valley Dongbei cai, or the food of the Northeastern China, is a rare find indeed.

In fact, at Chou's Kitchen in Chandler, owners Tong Rizzo and Ping Chou may be the only ones serving up this region's comforting and sometimes unfamiliar cuisine of distinctive flavors, colorful presentations, soft textures, and dough -- lots and lots of dough.

And then there's the meat pie or what Rizzo calls, "a Chinese hamburger."

"Pan-fried to a luscious golden brown and filled with ginger-kissed beef or pork steeped in a light broth, it's easy to like these hand-held treats, which could work as a snack or an on-the-go breakfast. And they can be dipped into a mix of soy sauce and chili paste for added flavor. During the 2008 summer Olympics, the meat pies in Dongbei were so popular that they were prepared by the thousands and shipped from the region to Beijing as a culinary emissary."

Want to taste more? Read the full review here.

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