Closed For Business: Better Than Sex Cake Cafe

Another east side eatery bites the dust. The infamous Better Than Sex Cake Cafe in Historic Downtown Chandler went down last week, right on the heels of 98 South Wine Bar & Kitchen's recent demise.

When we heard the news, we were convinced the worried moms and religious fanatics who'd been complaining about the tiny restaurant's naughty moniker had finally gotten their way. Turns out, the cafe's doors were actually shuttered by Maricopa County's Department of Environmental Services last Wednesday the 20th.

No word on exactly why yet, though from the notice on the door we suspect a problem with their dilapidated building. If the dozed houses and empty lots nearby are any indication, BTSCC could easily be the latest structure to fall to make way for a snazzy new swath of multistory residence/office buildings planned around Arizona Ave. between Chandler Blvd. and Pecos Rd.

Ah, well. If you're craving a sinfully good dessert, you can always check out the nearby Urban Tea Loft or make your own Better Than Sex Cake at home.

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