Cowboy Ciao Paso & Pork Dinner and Vegan Tacos in Today's Eater's Digest

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Paso and Pork
Beat the Valentine's Day weekend madness by taking that special someone to a special Tuesday night Wine dinner. Join Cowboy Ciao tonight for their "Paso & Pork" dinner featuring wines from Paso Robles Wine Country and humanely-raised Berkshire pork from Arizona's Tender Belly. The 5-course meal starts with apple-wood smoked pork belly then continues with grilled pork tenderloin, osso buco, and braised pork cheeks. Finsh it all off with creme fraiche cheesecake topped with a bacon/butterscotch sauce. Each course will be complimented with wine from one of 5 Paso Robles Wineries. $65++ per person. Call 480-9463 for reservations.

Vegan Taco Tuesday!
Those of you who are already vegan can stop reading now. If you just want to try something a little healthier then your everyday ground beef variety, continue reading. Tacos are a staple in the vegan diet simply because they are versatile and easy to make. Plus you can whip up a big batch and stick in the freezer for last minute weeknight dinners. Click here for the recipe. 

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