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Dive! the Film Opens the Lid on Food Waste and Dumpster Diving in America

Did you know that there's a whole community of individuals who source their meals at home from dumpsters? These are people who have homes, 

They just happen to find their steak and eggs from major food suppliers who can't sell or keep the food in the stores for one reason or another. It ends up in the trash and onto these folks' dinner plates. 

A couple years ago, Phoenix New Times published a story on this very subject

And now there's a new film explaining this food waste problem we have in the U.S.

More disgusting and dire details after the jump...

It's called Dive! and it takes place in the garbage-collection receptacles in and around Los Angeles.

Jeremy Seifert, the movie's director, is taking a stand against food waste in the country. He's definitely impressed his peers in the film-making biz; the film has alrady won awards at 21 film festivals worldwide.

You'll find those featured in the documentary dumpster diving lots at Trader Joe's stores. To be honest, it's hard to see our favorite grocery chain getting some bad press. Especially when Trader Joe's already has a 7-day-a-week program and a dedicated donation coordinator at each store.

The film isn't about the glories of eating great from the trash (which you can do, he says) but it's about his attempt to bring light to the broken system in the U.S. of all the wasted food in our cities versus the people going hungry right in the same neighborhoods.

You'll see a full carton of eggs thrown out, even with only one egg cracked...whole bags of avocados in there -- again with only one starting to spoil -- steaks, imported cheese, really eye-opening foodstuffs.

Here's the the trailer:

Seifert talks about the Good Samaritan Act signed in 1996 by Bill Clinton, which encourages grocery stores to donate food and protects them from getting sued.

What can you do about the food waste problem? Watch or host a screening of the film. End food waste in your own home. Tell your local stores about the Good Samaritan Act. And you can download a letter drafter to the CEO of Trader Joe's, encouraging them to adopt a corporate-wide zero-waste program.

All the dirty and delcious details can be found on the film's website

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