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Don't Eat That: Vagina Onion Ring Found at Burger King is Now on eBay (for $9,000)

In today's example of "shit people actually pay money to own" comes the high-priced, deep-fried lady box that's all yours -- if you can cough up the cash.

The Vagina Onion Ring, now up for bid on eBay, is not only a sure sign of the end of times, but also of pure entrepreneurship.

Not only did someone have the eye to spot the onion slices fried together in the shape of a cooch (in a sleeve full of other deep-fried onion rings, nonetheless), but the finder was also smart enough to know someone dumb enough would buy it.

Check out the Vagina Onion Ring in full, after the jump ...

"Selling my Va-jay jay Onion Ring," writes Ohio-based user yv2k1131954 in the official Vagina Onion Ring description on eBay. "Went to that restaurant where you have it your way on 8/27/2012 for a small order of Onion Rings. I got more than I bargained for."

The fried hot pocket is on the market until September 6, 2012, 17:24:01 (PDT), and bids made by eight eBay users are currently up to $9,100, which puts this pink canoe in the crazy eBay ranks of the Virgin Mary toast that sold for $28,000, the Corn Flake shaped like Illiniois that sold for more than $1,000, and the piece of gum Britney Spears chewed on for $14,000.

Shipping and handling is $4.

Important buyer's note: while the onion ring has been refrigerated since August 27, it's not recommended for "eating or consuming" ... And we're going to let that marinate.

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Claire Lawton
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