Dos Cabezas WineWorks Put Sparkling Rosé in a Can and It's Delicious -- But It Won't Be Easy to Find

Dos Cabezas WineWorks in southern Arizona has a new -- and very transportable -- wine. Following in the footsteps of their previously released rosé, simply named Pink, is a new sparkling rosé, aptly named Sparkling Pink.

The best part? It comes packaged in a 16 ounce can.

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Like Pink before it, Sparkling Pink's label features a painting by Leonard Bianco (father of local chef Chris Bianco) given as a gift to his wife Francesca on their wedding day in 1959. The image is a fitting accompaniment to the wine itself: both feature a refined simplicity that is classic and enjoyable. Sparkling Pink is made with a blend of Grenache, Mouvèdre, and Syrah grapes, all grown at Cimarron Vineyard in Willcox. With moderate acidity, the dry sparkling rosé has subtle hints of grapefruit, green strawberry, and elderflower, while a light finish hints at lychee.

With its crisp effervescence, Sparkling Pink makes a great afternoon libation, and would pair equally well with sweet confections as with savory snacks. Its clean profile even makes it a fitting companion with rich, cheesy dishes, like the mac-n-cheese that seems to be in abundance everywhere in the Valley these days.

But the most exciting use for Sparkling Pink comes from its efficient packaging.

While canned wine isn't an especially new invention -- Union Wine in Oregon and even Francis Ford Coppola have released their own canned wine variations -- it is exciting to have a stellar Arizona wine ready for transport and easy consumption.

Unfortunately, because it's in its first year of production, Sparkling Pink is nearly sold out statewide and won't be back until next year. Quench Fine Wines, which distributes Dos Cabezas products, says they sold out of the Sparkling Pink before their stock had even been delivered. Dos Cabezas' tasting room located in Sonoita confirms that they no longer have it on hand, and the only retailer to have carried it here in metro Phoenix, AZ Wine Merchants (located inside FnB in Scottsdale), is also sold out. In fact, FnB noted that Sparkling Pink sold out within thirty hours of its arrival.

The good news is that you can still order it at a few Valley restaurants, including Southern Rail, Beckett's Table, both Pizzeria Bianco locations and Pane Bianco, as well as Tuck Shop. Because it is so new, Sparkling Pink isn't always listed on restaurants' menus, you may have to ask for it.

Don't wait too long or you'll be stuck waiting until next year to get your hands on a can.

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