Five Ice-Cold Caffeine-Packed Drinks in Metro Phoenix

If the morning usually finds you face down in a cauldron of strong, black coffee -- you're not alone. Thanks to the proliferation of Starbucks and the multitude of other outlets serving coffee drinks, we've all but made caffeine addiction our national disorder of choice.

We know you know it's hot. And you don't have to be a genius to notice that hot coffee in 112 degrees isn't such an enjoyable experience. Don't fret -- with a little field research (that put us almost at the point of caffeine O.D.), we've found five cold drinks to give you the caffeine kick you need this summer.

"Japanese Cold Brewed" Iced Coffee at Astor House

Before rolling your eyes at the obviousness of this drink, listen up. We're not talking about some bitter stuff from a chain coffee shop. If you walk into Astor House and lay eyes on the 3-foot-tall contraption from which pours this delicious coffee, you'll understand. Unlike cold brewing or infusion methods, this method produces a fuller flavored coffee that lacks the bitter aftertaste we're used to with cold coffee. At just $3 a cup, we think that's quite a summer steal.

Breakfast Buzz smoothie at D'lish

D'lish has always filled our hangover needs with its fresh and healthier food. But this summer, we're swinging through its drive-thru for an ice-cold caffeine dose, with a side of protein. The Breakfast Buzz smoothie has been a favorite of the iron-pumping, Affliction-wearing, clubgoing type, but the truth is it's not a bad option for anyone on the go. With protein, espresso, peanut butter, chocolate and banana all blended over ice it's the kind of thing that will keep you going all morning long.

Cochata at America's Taco Shop

There are few things sweeter than a tall glass of horchata, or Mexican cinnamon rice milk, on a hot summer's day. America's Taco Shop makes theirs even better by mixing iced coffee and horchata to create the creamy, spicy caffeinated cochata. As far as we know, they made up the name themselves, so don't try ordering one at just any taco shop, but for only $3 a pop . . . we're willing to make the commute.

Blended Blue Rebel at Dutch Bros. Coffee

We know energy drinks are as good for your body as McDonald's and all-night benders. But with the market predicted to exceed the $10 billion mark, we're willing to believe you'll keep drinking them anyway. For a super charged caffeine kick, Dutch Bros. offers their private-label energy drink, the Blue Rebel, blended with ice and complimented with a flavor of your choice. Think Slurpee meets, energy drink, meets fancy coffee trend. We recommend a few pumps of Torani Raspberry.

Coffee Soda at Orange Table

This "house concoction" has "caffeine addict" written all over it. The folks over at Orange Table have created their own espresso flavored and highly caffeinated syrup which, when mixed with soda water, becomes a bubbly and only slightly bitter drink that's can be enjoyed anytime of day in any kind of heat. For $2.50 a glass, you can get your energy buzz on and even add a flavor of your choice for an extra charge. Best of all, once you're fully awake you can switch over to their collection of one-of-a-kind cocktails.

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Lauren Saria
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