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Free Pizza Cookies on November 18 for Oregano's 20th Anniversary

This month, Oregano's Pizza Bistro is turning 20, and it is giving away one very sweet guilty pleasure to celebrate the occasion. All 12 locations will be giving away pizza cookies with every single lunch or dinner cookie on the big day. Mark your calendars for Monday, November 18, and make plans to bring your family or meet your friends there.

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Chocolate chip cookies make anyone weak in the knees, and upon inhaling the scent of them, intense cravings are sure to immediately follow. But even the all-American favorite can be improved upon with the introduction of chocolate chip cookie dough to the pizza oven. The bottom of the cookie gets super-crispy in the deep-dish pan, and the top stays melty and gooey. The warm, fresh-baked dessert gets topped with vanilla ice cream to add contrast of temperature on top of the contrast of texture.

And, yes, you can get one for free on Monday, November 18, with an order of a Chicago-style pizza, Big Beefstro Salad with shaved rib-eye steak and sautéed sweet onions, baked meatball sandwich, roasted garlic chicken lasagna, or one of many other entrées. Every other day, Oregano's pizza cookie will cost you $5.

The first Oregano's Pizza Bistro was opened by Mark. S Russell on November 18, 1993, in Old Town Scottsdale. Over its 20 years, Oregano's has expanded to Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale, Tucson, and Flagstaff. Russell announce that the 14th location will open next year in Cave Creek.

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