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Gelato Spot Local Chef Competition: And the Winner Is...

This summer, local frozen confection fave Gelato Spot has been hosting its 1st Annual Local Chef Flavor Competition, inviting restaurant professionals in the Phoenix metro area to create something that captures their culinary point of view. Twelve chefs were split into three groups and battled head-to-head in June, July and August, and last week the three finalists -- Justin Beckett of Beckett's Table, Cullen Campbell of Crudo, and dessert maven Tracy Dempsey -- duked it out in the final showdown.

After an entire season of gelato tasting and fan voting, a winner has emerged.

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Pastry chef Tracy Dempsey, who crafts desserts for restaurants including Citizen Public House and The Stockyards, took home the big win with her one-of-a-kind gelato, Shoyu Caramel Chocolate & Macaroon Streusel. With all the main components of a classic dessert: chocolate, caramel, and crunch, it's no surprise that her flavor stole the spotlight.

The winning flavor beat out Beckett's Arizona Peach Cobbler and Campbell's Olive Oil & Lemon Zest Stracciatella. Dempsey will receive a check for over $5000, to be donated to Phoenix Children's Hospital in her name on September 24th during the annual Give-A-Thon.

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