Get 20 Percent Off Traci Wilbur's Pie Snob Pies All This Week

We're not huge fans of national such-and-such days, but when we can get our hands on discounted pie, it's definitely cause for celebration.

This week, Traci Wilbur (you probably know her as Pie Snob) is offering 20 percent all her pies in honor of National Pie Day, which is Thursday, January 23.

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We've been fans of Wilbur's pies since she started Pie Snob bakery out of her Arcadia home in 2009. She can bake a whole variety of pies, ranging from classics such as apple, blueberry, and blackberry to unique creations such as green chile jalepeño apple and chocolate creme with a chocolate cookie crust.

You can order a pie (they range in price from $20 to $24 each) on the Pie Snob website or by calling 480-635-2425.

And if you just want to indulge in single slice, head to Bertha's Cafe in Phoenix, which serves Wilbur's pie -- with a cup of 'joe, should you want one.

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