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Grand Avenue Pizza Co. Has Been Closed All Summer. Here's What's Taking Over The Space

Grand Avenue Pizza Company
Grand Avenue Pizza Company Allison Young
Grand Avenue Pizza Co., an institution of the downtown Phoenix arts district, is undergoing an evolution.

The pizzeria, which serves slices to customers through a window facing the street, closed at the end of May. A social media post explained that it was "temporarily closed for summer break starting June 1, 2022," and the post instructed fans to "stay tuned for our reopening date."

Turns out the space is undergoing more than a summer break. It will soon be taken over by local chef Ryan Moreno. The chef is maybe better known by his brand name, the Hungry Homie, which doubles as the name of his mobile pizza catering and food pop-up business. In 2021, Phoenix New Times named his business one of the top five pop-ups in the Valley.

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A pizza from the Hungry Homie.
Chris Malloy
On August 18, Moreno posted an announcement to his Instagram page, with a photo of himself at Grand Avenue Pizza Co.

"When I started the hungry homie the goal was to always obtain a brick and mortar location," the post reads.

"To say I was given a chance to take over a piece of downtown Phoenix history as a huge piece of what makes me into the maniac I am is absolutely the shit," his post continued.

Moreno explained the transition to Grand Avenue Pizza Co. will allow him to start the next phase of the Hungry Homie, complete with "pizza on a bigger scale, sandwiches, wings, sweet treats."

Other local businesses were among the first to congratulate the chef online, with First Place Coffee exclaiming "hell yeah!" and the Churchill downtown posting "We cannot wait!! Behind you in every way, we'll be the first through those doors."

When those doors will officially open is yet to be announced.
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