Jean-Georges Vongerichten, World-Renowned Chef, In New PBS Series on Korean Food

Three-star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's culinary empire includes restaurants in Las Vegas, London, Paris, and Shanghai, as well as his flagship eatery Jean Georges in New York.

But when it comes to Korean food, Vongerichten needs a little help. That's when he calls on an expert -- his wife -- Marja Vongerichten.

Ms. Vongerichten, who is half Korean, is the host of the new 13-part series, The Kimchi Chronicles, which is set to launch nationwide on PBS starting in July. With her husband playing the role of celebrity chef sidekick, the show will give viewers an insider's look at Korean cuisine as the two travel the country experiencing its flavors, its people, and its cultural traditions.

As if the show couldn't get more interesting for lovers of Korean food or those curious about making it, there's also a companion cookbook which includes a recipe for every dish featured in the series, explaining how they can be copied American-kitchen style.

Find out where to get the cookbook and watch a preview of the new buzz-worthy series, The Kimchi Chronicles, after the jump.

To pre-order the companion cookbook, The Kimchi Chronicles: Korean Cooking for an American Kitchen, go here. In addition to the recipe for each dish in the series, chef Vongerichten will add his two cents by showing how the flavors of the Korean table can be readily integrated into any meal.

Now here's a tasty preview:

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