Local Meat Cutter Juan Ortiz Advances to Semi-Finals of National Meat Cutting Challenge

Juan Ortiz, the meat cutter at Texas Roadhouse in Gilbert, is heading to Texas for the semi-finals in a meat cutting challenge that could ultimately land him $20,000.  Ortiz was the regional winner, carving out 2 sirloins, 1 ribeye and 1 filet with the highest yield in the shortest time. 

Each Texas Roadhouse employs a meat cutter who spends most of the working day hand carving steaks in a 35 degree cooler. The process is really hard work, according to Mike Anderson, Managing Partner at the Gilbert Texas Roadhouse, but the chain takes a great deal of pride in its hand cut steaks and has high standards for the size and quality of each cut. The team at the Gilbert location is excited to see one of their own heading to the semi's. "We are very proud of Juan." Anderson says.

The semi-final competition will be held on Wednesday March 3rd in College Station Texas and if Ortiz advances, he'll head to New York City in April for the finals.  Best of luck!

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