Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream Parlor's Message to the Public: We're Here, We've Been Here, We're Staying Here

For Mary Coyle, the landmark Phoenix ice cream parlor on north 7th Avenue, this year, its sixtieth in the business, may have been one of the roughest.

From March through May, it looked as if the central Phoenix institution would close without a new buyer. Then, at the eleventh hour, Mike Stoffey, a long-time vendor, bought Mary Coyle, closed the shop for a week in June to make renovations, and started making plans for its future.

"We've been here, but have been moving quietly as we fine-tuned the operation," says Stoffey, who grew up in Central Phoenix and remembers visiting each Mary Coyle's (there were four at the time) with his family. "Now it's time to re-establish Mary Coyle as a great community gathering place."

Do tell.

Updates to the interior include a new coat of paint, reupholstering booths, installing new technology, retraining staff, and making adjustments to recipes.

One element that wasn't changed: the ice cream. Mary Coyle's main attraction, Stoffey left the cool treat process as-is -- 33 flavors hand-made on site -- with creations like The Hill (4 pounds of ice cream, whipped cream, 2 toppings, and nuts), The Mountain (7 pounds of ice cream, whipped cream, 4 toppings, and nuts), and the new Grand Canyon (11 pounds of ice cream, whipped cream, 6 toppings, and nuts) busting the guts of ice cream lovin' parlor patrons.

For those looking to the lighter side, Mary Coyle's also has sherbet, sorbet, and non-fat yogurt.

"We want to introduce Mary Coyle to new families," says Stoffey, who will continue to make adjustments to the menu in the months ahead with the help of consultants, "and stir up the good feelings so many people in the community already have for Mary Coyle."

What say you, landmark lubbers? Have you been to the renovated Mary Coyle's yet? What did you think?

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