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Mixologist Richie Moe No Longer With Citizen Public House, R+D, and The Gladly

Mixologist Richie Moe has parted ways with Citizen Public House partner and executive chef Bernie Kantak. According to spokesperson and public relations representative Ty Largo, Moe and Kantak parted ways amicably over a month ago after an "incident that could not be overlooked."

"The gang 100 percent wishes Richie the best," Largo says.

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In addition to no longer being involved with the bar program at Citizen Public House, Moe has also left Citizen R+D, the restaurant's upstairs speakeasy, and The Gladly, Citizen's sister restaurant in the Biltmore neighborhood.

Largo says Moe hadn't been very involved with the day-to-day operations of any of the three locations for about a year. Prior to leaving the company, Moe had been mostly focused on organization management at The Gladly.

All three bars have been overseen by other individuals for the last month, each of whom will taking more on more high-profile leadership roles in the near future. Those individuals include Brandon Casey, who has been leading the bar program at Citizen Public House for quite some time.

"Expect business as usual," says Largo.

No word yet on what Moe will be doing now that he's a free agent. Stay tuned for updates.

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