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New AZ Law Brings Home-Baked Goods to a Restaurant Near You

Thanks to the newly passed Arizona Cottage Food Law, restaurants will now be able to serve homemade baked goods for profit -- provided bakers follow a pretty specific set of government guidelines.

With this new law Arizona joins a growing number of states legalizing home-based baking as a for-profit enterprise.

And with foodies around the country demanding more and more local, organic, and non-preservative-laden foods, bakers are realizing Aunt Rita's recipe for zucchini bread could potentially translate to some extra cash.

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The law only covers "non-potentially hazardous baked and confectionary goods". Inn other words, no jams, jellies, custards, puddings, cheesecakes, or anything with a cream filling. And there's also an extensive list of labeling guidelines.

Bakers specializing in organic, gluten-free, and other "specialty" baked goods are particularly excited.

Julie Moreno, owner of gluten-free Jewel's Cupcakes in Phoenix says the law will help expand and diversify the baked goods market. Cottage food laws around the country are now allowing bakers to bring their products to market without the added expense and trouble of preparing them in a commercial kitchen.

You mean we can buy delicious cupcakes that won't cost $4 a pop? Sold.

Moreno's mini cupcakes and cookies, prepared at her home, are available locally at Indulge Burger & More and Tryst Café.

We've tried them, and let us assure you -- the only thing those goodies are missing is gluten.

Get details about how to bake -- and sell -- your own confections from home here.

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