New Food Truck Alert: The Uprooted Kitchen

If you've been wondering why nobody's thought (much) to bring vegetarian and vegan food into the burgeoning food truck scene, we've got the answer: They have.

Meet The Romanoffs: Erin and Chad, a pastry chef and occupational therapist, who will be hitting the streets in their 1968 vintage Avion trailer, hopefully, by the end of the month.

The Business: The Uprooted Kitchen (Great name, they know.)

What They're Packin': We're going to do vegetarian with vegan options. We're starting very simple with an entrée called a Salad Bowl. So, its not just a salad its going to have not just lettuce and veggies, we want it to fill people up. With every salad there's going to be grains and nuts and different proteins. We're going to have tempeh and tofu and different things to make it a full meal.

Each of those salad bowls is also going to come with -- since I'm a pastry chef I have to work in dessert somehow -- they're each going to come with a cookie. We have five signature cookies but they're all made with whole-wheat flour and they're going to be made with organic ingredients and flaxseeds and nuts...very high quality ingredients. Also the salad bowl will come with our house made flax cracker. We have ten different dressings that I make from scratch, which we'll rotate

What You Need to Know: We keep telling everybody that one of the reasons my husband wanted to start this is just to be with us more often, to just start a family business. My kids are only 8 right now but they're already so excited they cant stand it. Every day they're like, "when are we going to start selling food?" They are such a part of this. We always tell people we're trying to grow a family business. Whether they choose to join us when they're adults? That's totally their business. But they're already telling us how much they want to make an hour working for us. This is such a family thing for us. This is a four-person team we're on. It's really all about our kids.

You can find The Uprooted Kitchen on Facebook and on Kickstarter, where you can view a video of the "uprooted kids" and make a donation to the cause.

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