New Menus at Recently Revamped elements

Chef Beau MacMillan must be high on life right now.

Between his new Food Network show, Worst Cooks in America, becoming a sudden success, and his restaurant, elements, getting a big-budget makeover, the one-time Iron Chef America winner has more star power than ever.

But he's still been busy in the kitchen, updating the elements menu for the January 14 relaunch. Now, along with MacMillan's signature Asian-inspired entrees, there's a raw menu featuring dishes such as hamachi carpaccio with dungeness crab, uni, and yuzu vinaigrette, and albacore tartare with sesame hummus, white soy, and onion sprouts. 

Joining MacMillan is the restaurant's new pastry chef, Renee Cade, who's added three new desserts to the rotation -- cantaloupe mousse, bamboo torte, and Cracker Jack soup with salted caramel. Chocolate peanut butter decadence, an old favorite, is still available as well.

Get a look at the full dinner and dessert menus here:

2010 Dinner and Dessert Menu - elements at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain.pdf

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