New Stealthy Table Covert Dinners Roll Into Phoenix

At the Scottsdale Old Town Farmers' Market this weekend, we caught up with Joe Garcia of La Vida Locavore and got the inside scoop on a new "covert culinary dinner" project called Stealthy Table. Basically, it's like the food version of a rave -- the location of the dinner's a secret until one day prior to the event.

​On the day of the event, the La Vida Locavore truck will pull up to the mystery site with the evening's guest chefs in tow. "It could be anyplace," says Garcia. "It could be a private residence, a gallery, a cemetery!"

La Vida Locavore is kicking off the series with a fun "My Bloody Valentine" themed four-course dinner on Sunday, February 14. The menu's still a mystery, but we're guessing tartare will make an appearance. And maybe some kind of gooey cherry dessert...

Normally, Stealthy Table will feature one or two local chefs, but for the opener they've scheduled four culinary powerhouses: Cullen Campbell, Brandon Crouser, Tracy Dempsey and Lisa G. And no, Dempsey will not be doing the dessert course. "She's a chef, not just a pastry chef," says Garcia. "A lot of people don't realize that." 

Cost is $100 per person, which includes dinner and wine pairings; only 50 tickets will be sold. Stealthy Table is sponsored by Viking and promoted via Yelp, so expect some major word of mouth spreading soon. 

How do you nab a seat for these covert culinary celebrations? Visit stealthytable.com and look for a hidden button. When you find it, click for instructions (hint: try mousing over the letters). 

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