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New York Flavor: Great for New Yorkers or Those Who Just Want to Eat Like One

"A lot of people say it's the water. It's not the water, it can be done."

New York Flavor owner Bill Olear would love the chance to make New York pizza. Too bad his cute and comfortable fast-casual eatery is too small, not to mention the fact that his lease agreement has a non-compete clause (his restaurant is next door to a Papa John's.)

But this ex-Gothamite's got some other goodies up his sleeve to bring the flavors of New York, his New York, to the good people of Surprise. Like over 25 kinds of two-handed hoagies packed with top-notch ingredients, a heavenly New York cheesecake, a New York classic egg sandwich, and (of course) egg creams.

There's even a couple of non-New York items worth making a detour for, like a crazy-good burger.

Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

"Chef Emmons' acknowledged obsession with imaginative hamburger creations is deliciously evident in his stellar basil mascarpone burger. Featuring a well-seasoned beef patty layered with caramelized onions, meaty and moist strips of roasted portabellos, luscious mascarpone cheese, and long, thin ribbons of aromatic basil between a lightly grilled soft bun, its unique combination of flavorful ingredients make this burger more gourmet than fast-casual fare. And as one of the best I've had in the Valley, it's almost worth a drive to Surprise for."

Hungry for more? Read the full review on New York Flavor here.

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