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O.H.S.O.'s Sunnyslope brewpub and cafe are now open. Take a look inside

The long-awaited Central Avenue double concept is now welcoming customers and their dogs.
O.H.S.O.'s latest location is now open in the Sunnyslope neighborhood of north Phoenix.
O.H.S.O.'s latest location is now open in the Sunnyslope neighborhood of north Phoenix. Tirion Boan
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Located right along the Arizona Canal Trail bike path winding through Sunnyslope, the newest concept from the O.H.S.O. Brewing and Distilling team is now open.

The concept is a two-in-one destination for the neighborhood. One side houses the newest location of the Valley-wide chain of dog-friendly brew pubs that O.H.S.O. is known for, complete with a giant patio. The other side houses Little O's Market, a coffee shop with breakfast and doughnuts in the morning, a grab-and-go food section and a market with gifts, beer and wine to go.

The new space held a soft launch on Tuesday and celebrated its official opening on Wednesday. Going forward, Little O's will open at 7 a.m. daily. O.H.S.O. opens at 11 a.m. on weekdays for lunch and dinner and 9 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday for brunch.

O.H.S.O.'s food menu sticks to its usual offerings of pub fare, sandwiches, burgers, tacos and shareable appetizers. Little O's breakfast menu, which is only available until 11 a.m., is packed with hot sandwiches including the Sunrise, with eggs, ham and rosemary aioli and the Central, a mix of guacamole, egg whites, tomato, arugula and feta cheese served on a croissant with a pesto drizzle. Hearty options such as buttermilk biscuits with spicy sausage and beer gravy are also available. These dishes can be taken to go or enjoyed on Little O's patio.

The opening has been a long time coming for the O.H.S.O. team and for neighbors eager to have a location of the brewpub close to home. But the space itself has a long history in the neighborhood. The building was built over 100 years ago and has housed many concepts from a dance hall to the most recent concept, Spoke & Wheel, a bike-themed restaurant and bar.

The history of the building and the Sunnyslope neighborhood is celebrated throughout the space, with small touches such as historical photographs on the walls, and on a grand scale with a floor-to-ceiling flow chart explaining the story at the restaurant's entrance.

Whether customers are eager to step inside and see the historic space or they're ready to embrace it's next chapter, the new double concept is open, dogs are chilling on the patio and the beer is flowing. Here's a look inside.

O.H.S.O. Brewery and Little O's Market

8525 N. Central Ave.
click to enlarge OHSO Sunnyslope exterior.
The new double-concept housing O.H.S.O. and Little O's is located right along the Arizona Canal Trail in Sunnyslope. Plenty of bike racks are ready for those who ride to the brewpub and market.
Tirion Boan
click to enlarge Little O's inside.
Walking in, customers are greeted by Little O's, a coffee shop and market with gifts, beer and wine.
Tirion Boan
click to enlarge Counter at Little O's.
Little O's Market is counter service. Customers can order breakfast until 11 a.m. and doughnuts and coffee after that.
Tirion Boan
click to enlarge Wine fridge at Little O's.
Little O's Market sells a selection of mostly O.H.S.O. beers along with wines and soft drinks to go.
Tirion Boan
click to enlarge Little O's patio.
The patio for Little O's is seperate from the large restaurant patio and located at the front of the building. It makes up most of the available seating at Little O's.
Tirion Boan
click to enlarge Entrance to OHSO
Customers walk through Little O's Market to get to the entrance of O.H.S.O., a full-service restaurant.
Tirion Boan
click to enlarge Bar at OHSO.
The interior seating area of O.H.S.O. is quite small, featuring a bar with plenty of TV screens to catch the game. The bar opens onto the large patio area.
Tirion Boan
click to enlarge OHSO Sunnyslope patio.
O.H.S.O. is known for its large, dog-friendly patios. On opening day, some four-legged friends joined in on the fun.
Tirion Boan
click to enlarge OHSO patio.
The back patio at O.H.S.O. stretches along the canal trail and offers plenty of shaded outdoor seating.
Tirion Boan
click to enlarge
Whether you stop by for breakfast at Little O's or lunch at O.H.S.O., make sure to grab some mini doughnuts on the way out.
Tirion Boan
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