The new Seasonal Kitchen Crafts Menu debuts May 7.EXPAND
The new Seasonal Kitchen Crafts Menu debuts May 7.
Courtesy of Pita Jungle

Pita Jungle Introduces Keto and Paleo-Friendly Menu

Attention keto and paleo dieters — Pita Jungle is coming for you. In the past, you could always go for that amazing broiled chicken salad, but now, there will be so much more on the menu for you. Pita Jungle's new seasonal kitchen crafts menu is set to launch Tuesday, May 7, with a run through September — and it's a good one.

The new dishes are as impressive as they are colorful.

These include the Super Green Nordic Salmon Bowl, meaning wood-fired Norwegian salmon topping a bed of Tuscan kale, red and green cabbage, peppers, fennel, garlic, lemon remoulade, fresh mint, and dill. In other words, a super green julienne.

The Shaved Korean Beef Cauliflower Tostada is another natural winner. The dish includes shaved beef cuts and spicy gochujang sauce over another flash-sauteed super green julienne. There’s also an irresistible cauliflower Parmesan crust.

And in case you can’t get enough of the cauliflower substitution, the Avocado Cauliflower Tostada is crushed avocado, citrus, hardboiled egg, pico de gallo, pickled onions, green onions, red radish, fresh jalapeño, pea sprouts, and cilantro — again over that cauliflower Parmesan crust.

Other items on new menu include the Moroccan Gazpacho, Bone Broth Ramen with Shirataki Noodles, the Mahi Burrito of the Sea, and the PJ Green Tea Panacotta. There’s also a brownie ice-cream sandwich. Don’t ask us how that fits into your diet.

For more information, visit the Pita Jungle website.

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