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Wash Those Hands: Seven Metro Phoenix Restaurants Join the D-List

Improper hand washing is certain to earn Phoenix-area restaurants a spot on the dreaded D-List.
Improper hand washing is certain to earn Phoenix-area restaurants a spot on the dreaded D-List. Lindsay Moore

click to enlarge Improper hand washing is certain to earn Phoenix-area restaurants a spot on the dreaded D-List. - LINDSAY MOORE
Improper hand washing is certain to earn Phoenix-area restaurants a spot on the dreaded D-List.
Lindsay Moore

Every week, the county's health inspectors within Maricopa County Environmental Services give restaurants grades after completing inspections. Participation in the rating system, however, is voluntary, which means owners or managers do not have to accept a grade after an inspection; instead, the restaurants are listed online as "not participating." And in some cases, grades posted online may change, which typically means a restaurant has provided necessary documentation for food safety or fixed a critical issue that led to a low grade. Here's a more detailed explanation of last month's report

Seven metro Phoenix area restaurants have started the year off with atrocious health inspection reports. Violations include a fly zapper installed over a food preparation table, improper hand washing, milk stored at improper temperatures, and bratwurst links kept long after their peak of freshness. These eateries all received a D rating from the Maricopa County Health inspector in the month of January.

Popeye's No. 620
2005 West Broadway Road, Mesa

“Observed fly light installed over food prep table in kitchen. Fly lights must not be installed over food, food prep areas, or utensil storage areas. Must relocate fly light to approved area prior to next routine inspection.”

“Observed employee handle cash, then use hand sanitizer, and then begin plating food and handling clean single service items without washing hands. Discussed hand washing with the PIC and employee. Hand sanitizer does not replace hand washing. Employee washed hands for 20 seconds at the time of inspection. Hand washing is required whenever changing tasks. Discussed the importance of proper hand washing with the PIC.”

“Observed several chunks of flooring missing throughout kitchen resulting in several areas no longer smooth and easily cleanable. All floors, walls, and ceiling must be smooth and easily cleanable. Must repair/seal flooring prior to next routine inspection.”

Big Daddy's Sports Lounge
10618 North Cave Creek Road

“Large bag of cooked bratwurst in reach-in cooler date marked 1/8, had employee discard item at time. Please ensure all time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) food items are discarded 6 days after the day they have been prepared or removed from packaging.”

“Establishment offers hamburgers cooked to order on menu, however menus do not contain any consumer advisory statement. Please ensure menu items that are to be served undercooked are provided with a consumer advisory statement and a unique indicator that refers statement to specific undercooked menu items.”

Pho Bowl
1820 North 75th Avenue #108

“Observed dirty equipment stored in the hand sink on the prep line. PIC (person in charge) removed equipment. Hand sink is only used for washing hands and will remain unblocked at all times of operation.”

“Employee observed washing her hands for less than 10 seconds. Employees will wash hands for 20 seconds using soap to lather. Discussed proper hand-washing procedure with PIC.”

“Raw chicken, shrimp, and eggs are openly stored above ready-to-eat lettuce.”

Smoothie Run Internet Café
6115 South 51st Avenue #205, Laveen

“Milk temped at 48*F, half and half temped at 49*F, strawberry and kiwi juice pearls labeled 'refrigerate after opening' temped at 46*F and passion fruit juice pearls temped at 45*F. The internal temperature of the prep unit was found to be 51.2*F using the min-max thermometer.”

Love's Travel Stop No. 659
8313 West Roosevelt Street, Tolleson

“Observed employee at register wash hands for less than 5 seconds and proceed to place gloves on hands. When brought to attention, employee took gloves off hands and washed hands for 20 seconds. Ensure hands are always washed with soap for 20 seconds, hands are rinsed, hands are dried with paper towel, and faucet is turned off with paper towel.”

Brookdale North Chandler
2555 North Price Road, Chandler

“Observed a metal container with deli sliced roast beef stored in the reach-in across from the make-line, dated 1/15 - 1/29. According to PIC, the package was opened and cold-holding since 1/15. The expiration of the roast beef should have been marked as "1/21" and disposed of on 1/21, 3 days prior to inspection. PIC discarded roast beef, see embargo form. Discussed proper date marking (7 days) and disposition.”

“Observed an ice scoop stored in a bucket of ice with the handle in full contact with the ice, in the server area of dining room. According to PIC, the ice is used for beverages and the scoop is used to dispense the ice into resident's cups. PIC removed the ice scoop and will wash, rinse, sanitize, and discard the ice.”

Casa Maria Mexican Restaurant
691 North Arizona Avenue, Chandler

“Observed employee lather hands 10 seconds and then proceed to rinse with water. Inspector instructed employee to lather at least 20 seconds prior to rinsing with water. Corrected At Time of Inspection”

“Observed piercing blade of the can opener stored in holding with dried organic debris. PIC placed in dishwashing area. Corrected At Time of Inspection”

“PIC was unable to answer questions relating to big 6 bacteria and virus or hot and cold holding temperatures.”
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