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August Restaurant D-List: Standing Sewage and Medicine Bottles

Time to get the duster out.
Time to get the duster out. Timur Guseynov
Every week, the county's health inspectors within Maricopa County Environmental Services give restaurants grades after completing inspections. Participation in the rating system, however, is voluntary, which means owners or managers do not have to accept a grade after an inspection; instead, the restaurants are listed online as "not participating." And in some cases, grades posted online may change, which typically means a restaurant has provided necessary documentation for food safety or fixed a critical issue that led to a low grade. Here's a more detailed explanation of last month's report, which resulted in a number of restaurants landing on the D-list.

Woodshed II

430 North Dobson Road, #113, Mesa

“Observed deli slicer covered in dust, food debris and other organic accumulation.”

“Observed hole in wall at kitchen entrance and behind liquor/equipment shelf in back of kitchen.”

Phoenix Public Market Cafe

14 East Pierce Street

“Cut lettuce, cut cabbage, cut tomatoes, raw chorizo, chicken, mayo sauces, cheese, & spinach in drawer prep cooler across from stove had internal temperatures ranging between 48-56 Deg. F. Ensure foods are held below 41 Deg. F. For a permanent fix to this violation.”

“Observed grease and oil on top of and on the ground next to the grease recycling dumpster. Ensure grease is properly absorbed and removed and area is cleaned and maintained. Fourth consecutive violation.”

Fountain View Village — Senior Living

16455 East Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills

“Employee entered kitchen and put gloves on, then went to handle food items without washing hands.”

“The floor in the mop sink room has a large hole directly behind the door. Ensure that floor is repaired properly to a smooth and easily cleanable surface.”

Bosa Donuts

130 South Val Vista Drive, #101, Gilbert

“Observed employee wash hands for 6 sec. Discussed proper handwashing procedure with employee and person in charge at time of inspection.”

“Observed establishment using lemon scented bleach for sanitizing at 3 comp sink and in all sanitizing buckets.”

Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes

2000 Westcourt Way, Tempe

“Observed glasses being washed in the dishwasher at the bar, but measured 0 ppm of chlorine sanitizer.”

“Observed cooked rice with a date mark of 8/7 and roasted napales with a date mark of 7/31 in the large prep cooler on the line. PIC discarded the items upon request.”

El Pollo Loco No. 3860

2520 West Chandler Boulevard, Chandler

“The cook washed his hands and dried them. As he was walking back from the handwashing sink to the grill area he took the towel he had used to dry his hands and wiped off his face.”

“The door handle to the walk-in refrigerator had old food residues adhering.”

El Nuevo Taquito

3237 East McDowell Road

“Observed cabeza, lengua, and salsa roja in hot holding unit at 127-132 degrees F. Per cook, the items were reheated and placed in unit at 8 am (8 hours prior to inspection). When brought to attention, employees discarded the items.”

“Observed the following items at 44-50 degrees F in walk-in: carne asada, chopped lettuce, chopped tomato, cameron, cabeza, lengua, salsa, el pastor, and cooked beans. Per PIC, all times were prepared and have been in fridge for more than 6 hours. When brought to attention, these items were discarded.”

The Market By Jennifer’s

3603 East Indian School Road, Suite A

“Dicer being stored as clean had dried food debris on cutting surfaces. Per manager the dicer is rarely used.”

“Black organic buildup inside ice machine. Per PIC there is no schedule for cleaning the machine.”

Sodexo at Wells Fargo Tempe

1305 West 23rd Street, Tempe

“Found shredded mozzarella, eggplant, 6 packages of strawberries with mold. “

“During inspection, observed 4 drains at various points of the kitchen overflowing sewage onto the flow. Establishment was unable to clear drains. Line employees were observed working in standing sewage.”

Sahuaro’s Taco Shop

2828 South Country Club Drive, #8, Mesa

“Observed chemical spray bottle next to stove with no label.”

“Observed plastic bins of raw meat being stored on floor beneath storage shelves in walk-in cooler.”

click to enlarge Time to get the duster out. - TIMUR GUSEYNOV
Time to get the duster out.
Timur Guseynov

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro

523 West University Drive, Tempe

“Observed every employee that washed their hands, wet their hands, put soap on and immediately scrubbed and rinsed soap off under running water with a total of handwashing occurring for 3-10 seconds then dried with paper towels.”

“Observed an employee wearing gloves touch their knee, shorts and wipe gloves on apron then with the same gloves continue to handle bread and clean food-contact surfaces.”

“Observed dust on ceiling lighting, around hood above pizza oven, and near dish area between reach-ins and dishwasher with accumulated debris. Observed in bar area in between dishwasher, sinks and other equipment with build up black debris and particles.”

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro

6738 West Bell Road, Glendale

“Visible condensation between chopper attachments where not disassembled prior to cleaning.”

“Plastic containers stored as clean and scoops had food build-up on the surface.”

IHOP No. 1513

2501 North 44th Street

“Employee handled/cracked raw shell eggs then went to handle cheese, potatoes and clean equipment without changing gloves and washing hands. Employee was also observed putting a clean glove (mitt) over the soiled gloves without washing hands.”

“Employee personal phone stored on shelf in prep area over/next to open food items used within the establishment.”

click to enlarge Filiberto's shows up on this month's D-List. - CHARLES BARTH
Filiberto's shows up on this month's D-List.
Charles Barth

Filiberto’s Mexican Food

1601 East McDowell Road

“The Establishment does not have a certified food manager on staff.”

“Observed an employee touch raw bacon with gloved hands. The employee removed their gloves, lathered their hands with soap for approximately 2 seconds, rinsed their hands in the sink for approximately 5 seconds, and then dried their hands and attempted to return to food service.”

“A full bottle of Acetaminophen was stored above a microwave and above the establishment's open prep table.”

Taqueria La Condesa

3001 East Washington Street

“The establishment does not have a certified food manager.”

“Raw chorizo in a metal pan was stored on a shelf directly above ready to eat ham stored in a metal pan. A metal pan of raw lengua was stored on a shelf directly above metal pans full of cooked chorizo and cooked al pastor.”

“Antacid tablets, blister packs of ibuprofen, and a large bottle of extra strength acetaminophen were all stored among the establishment's dry ingredients and spices. These items were on a shelf directly above the establishment's slicers and prep sink.”
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