Pineberries, Square Watermelons and Pink Lemons: The Wonderful, Wild World of Plants

It's always fun to remind ourselves of the wonders of nature. We saw these and thought it would be fun to get you in the mood for food. 

Organic Green Roots posted on Facebook some cool photos of edible fruits that make you wonder if they are real or alien plants. First one, the pineberry that looks like an albino strawberry, but in fact they are their own fruit discovered growing wild in South America that taste like pineapple but look like a strawberry. Dutch farmers have since rescued the fruit and have started marketing it in Europe. Has anyone seen these here in the U.S.?

Pink lemons and square watermelons after the jump.

These watermelon cubes are the other wild discovery from Japan. Japanese farmers gently nudge these giant fruits to grow into a shape different than what nature intended. It's quite smart, actually, since they are able to store and ship more watermelons per box due to this innovative technique that doesn't alter any DNA in the process.

Our last fruity find is pink lemons.  Of course you've heard of pink lemonade but have you ever seen a pink lemon?  We hadn't, either.  These pretty citrus fruits were first "discovered" on a lemon tree in 1930.  The New York Times wrote a 2005 article on rare and interesting varieties of lemons and mentions the University of Arizona citrus specialist Glenn C. Wright, who has grown more than 400 varieties of lemons at the Yuma Mesa Ag Center to study.

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