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Six Valley Food Trucks, Rated

The Phoenix food truck craze is over.

Not that we still don't enjoy food trucks. Their offerings at lower commitment levels than those of their dine-in brethren make them the most accessible and cheapest culinary adventures in town. But gone is the hype of the new. With more than 30 food trucks currently listed in the Phoenix Street Food Coalition directory, we can afford to be picky about our options -- and we've come to know what to expect.

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The granddaddy of all local food trucks, Short Leash Hot Dogs, continues to be a crowd favorite, with fans regularly lining up for a taste of Brad and Kat Moore's naan-wrapped dogs ($6) topped with ingredients like mango chutney, fried pickles -- even peanut butter and Cracker Jacks. And since Short Leash's launch in 2010, other mobile kitchens have tried to emulate the truck's concept of gourmet street food served fast and offered at a fair price -- some successfully and others not so much.

Here's a sampling of six of them, listed in order of my favorite to my least favorite.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld