Special: Alfredo Escudero at Green

OK, so we're a little partial to this dish, since it's named after us.

Special: Alfredo Escudero at Green

We begged Chef Damon Brasch of the all-vegan restaurant Green to craft more "shrimp" specials, since our former favorite meat is not featured on the regular menu. This is what he came up with, and it was mighty tasty.

Special: Alfredo Escudero at Green

The entirely vegan dish contains "shrimp" made with vegetable extracts, an almond-heavy alfredo sauce, red pepper olive oil and "scallops" imported from Asia.

The pasta noodles taste exactly the same as egg noodles, and the alfredo sauce wasn't as creamy as we're used to but packed a lot of protein thanks to the almonds. And it still had an alfredo-y taste.

The shrimp looked just like really shrimp and had that nice chewy texture the real stuff has.

But what blew us away were the faux scallops. We've never had real scallops before, so we had no point of comparison, but this was our favorite part of the very filling meal--they were big and juicy and tasted like they came right out of the sea. And paired with the olive oil, which had a slight kick to it, they were even more mouthwatering.

The special costs $12, and the portion is so large you could take half of it home. It's only available while supplies last, which may just be through tomorrow. To check before you go, call (480) 941-9003.


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