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Ten Favorite Metro Phoenix Bloody Marys

It's Sunday morning, you have a pounding headache, your teeth feel like someone climbed in your mouth while you were sleeping and knitted a tiny sweater on each and every one of them, and you're still not sure why you thought that order of Super Nachos was an awesome idea...
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It's Sunday morning, you have a pounding headache, your teeth feel like someone climbed in your mouth while you were sleeping and knitted a tiny sweater on each and every one of them, and you're still not sure why you thought that order of Super Nachos was an awesome idea at 2:30 a.m.

You're hungover, and the only thing that's going to put your life back in balance and cure that headache is a little hair of the dog -- preferably something spicy with vodka and tomato juice -- like a bloody mary.

We've done our research, and there are a lot of places around town with really great bloody marys but we had to narrow it down to our ten favorites.

Here's who made our list.

The Humble Bloody at 5th and Wine -- This Scottsdale hideaway may be known for a spectacular wine selection and delicious food but they also make a mean bloody mary. A splash of tomato juice is shaken together with jalapeno infused vodka, garnished with fresh basil and mozzarella, and then served either on the rocks or martini style -- your choice! Be careful -- the jalapeno vodka is as spicy as it sounds and, since there's a lot of it, you'll be well on your way to feeling like a normal person.

Bloody Mary Carafe at Switch Restaurant & Wine Bar -- It's not so much the quality of this breakfast cocktail, but the quantity. Every weekend you can score a carafe filled with bloody mary mix and vodka on the rocks for $3. A WHOLE CARAFE FOR $3!!! And they don't skimp on the booze. We have witnessed a server take an entire bottle of vodka, dump it completely upside down in the carafe, and have a conversation with another server while the bottle emptied its contents into the large carafe. Bring a friend or four to share this massive beverage or else you'll be back in the same hungover boat the next day.

The Bloody Maria at Arcadia Tavern -- Served in a goblet and spicy as all get out, this popular Arcadia watering hole puts a twist on the classic breakfast cocktail by swapping out the vodka for tequila. The concoction is strong enough put that hangover in it's place and it may even put a little hair on your chest. Try it with a strip of crispy bacon and pair it with The Hangover Burger and a side of sweet potato tots for the ultimate weekend lunch.

Tyler's Sunday Bloody Sunday at Casey Moore's -- Every Saturday, Casey Moore's bartender Tyler Froburn whips up a batch of his extra spicy, extra tasty bloody mary mix for the regulars that pack the back patio bar every Sunday. His recipe is top secret but we know that it's full of magic hangover healing qualities, horse radish and red pepper flakes. Combine the secret sauce with a generous pour of vodka, a splash of Guinness, a some tomato juice for color and let the good times roll!

The Bacon Bloody Mary from Maizie's Cafe & Bistro -- More of a meal than a beverage, Maizie's hearty mix is packed full of spicy horseradish, black pepper, and thick tomato juice, but there's one thing that puts this bloody ahead of the pack -- bacon vodka. Yes, this bacon filled drink not only has strips of applewood smoked bacon it also incorporates smokey bacon vodka into the well balanced yet bold mix. Try it out with an order of roasted corned beef Benedict or a plate of biscuits and gravy.

The Verde Mary at Windsor -- We're not huge fans of DIY bloody mary bars, but Windsor has something that you won't find at any other bar in town (at least not that we know about) -- green bloody mary mix! The subtle flavors of fresh tomatillos, green tomatoes, and hint of spice gives this mix a unique base for the plethera of ingredients available to jazz it up. Build yourself a masterpiece with a spoonful of fresh grated horseradish, a splash of one of over a dozen different hot sauces, and tons of pickled veggies. It's a green hangover helping machine!

The Bottomless Bloody at RnR -- That's right, bottomless. As in pay up your $15 and you can drink as many of these spicy, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, vodka filled, bacon garnished drinks as you want. The deal runs every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. but make sure you get there early -- this place normally has a line out the door by noon and we've seen them run out of bloody mary mix on more than a couple occasions.

Classic Bloody Mary at Durant's -- The dark confines of this classic 1950's bar and restaurant is the perfect place to nurse your hangover in style. The charismatic bar staff at this swanky joint make their bloody's super strong and with as little or as much spicy as you like but this classy cocktail really makes our list because of the ginormous chilled shrimp that rests on the side of glass next to a fresh slice of lemon. We'll take that over a slice of bacon any day.

Alex's Loaded Bloody Mary at Boulders on Broadway -- The entire bar staff at Boulders can make a mean bloody mary but we have never seen someone put so much pride and love into our beloved weekend cocktail then bartender Alex at our favorite bicycle friendly craft beer bar and restaurant, Boulders on Broadway. Olive brine, A-1, Cholula, Sirracha, lime juice, Worcestershire, tomato juice and a healthy dose of vodka are shaken together and poured over ice into a bacon salt rimmed glass. Add a slice of bacon and a couple of olives and pair it with one of their outstanding breakfast burritos to get your weekend started right.

Super Spicy Bloody Mary from Rokerij -- When the sun is shining just a little too bright for you hungover Sunday morning eyes, there is no better spot to escape to than the dark interior of the Rokerij. The cavernous restaurant makes an insanely good bloody mary that is full of red pepper flakes, hot sauce, horseradish, and vodka and it even comes with its a 4oz sidecar of beer. The only problem is that they are so good we never stop at just one -- at least they're just $5 a pop (on Saturdays and Sundays until 4 p.m.) which means it's not a problem for our wallets. The Rokerij also serves one of the best weekend brunches in town, don't forget to eat something!

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