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Our 2023 List of the Top 100 Phoenix Restaurants is Here

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When thinking about Phoenix area restaurants, certain categories come to mind. There are the classics such as Carolina's and Duck and Decanter. There are chef-driven spots with big names like Pizzeria Bianco and Barrio Cafe. We've got new rockstars that are making a splash, including Bacanora and Valentine. And then there are the under-the-radar spots that locals know and love, such as Myke's Pizza in Mesa and Cafe Lalibela in Tempe.

All of these restaurants come together to weave a wonderful patchwork of exceptional food across the Valley. They are an integral part of the Phoenix food scene and an essential element of what makes it so great. And they are all included on our 2023 list of the Top 100 Phoenix Restaurants.

This extensive guide is newly updated and comes together as a culmination of months worth of thorough — and very tasty — research. You may recognize some spots from our 2020 and 2021 lists, as these restaurants continue to be at the top of their game. You'll also notice new dining destinations included for the first time.

These are the restaurants we love, where we take visiting family and friends, and where we eat on a regular basis. They are restaurants worth writing about, worth visiting, and worth remembering. Congratulations and thank you to the chefs, restaurant owners, kitchen staff, bartenders, and servers who bring these dining experiences to life.

These are the Top 100 Phoenix Restaurants of 2023.
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