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DK Dogs Storefront is Coming to Central Phoenix in Early May

A peek inside DK Dogs' brand new storefront at The Strip, set to open the week of May 1.
A peek inside DK Dogs' brand new storefront at The Strip, set to open the week of May 1. Courtesy of DK Dogs
After two years of slinging Danish-style hot dogs around metro Phoenix via hot dog carts, DK Dogs is moving into its first-ever storefront early next month.

In a recent e-mail, owner Liza Asbury says that a grand opening date hasn't been decided on yet, but the storefront will likely officially open during the week of May 1. DK Dogs will be joining several other restaurants in The Strip shopping plaza on the northwest corner of 12th Street and Highland Avenue in central Phoenix.

DK Dogs – which gets its name from the Denmark abbreviation "DK" – specializes in Danish-style and other specialty hot dogs. DK's signature dog, the "DK Dog," consists of a hollowed-out baguette stuffed with an all-beef frank and a secret sauce.

The DK Dogs storefront will have a slightly expanded menu, featuring new dogs such as the Cheesy Mac and Cheese Weenie. Desserts, such as ice cream cones, will also be available at the storefront.

For more information and to keep up with DK Dogs' opening check out its website, or follow its Facebook and Instagram pages.
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