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The Great Australian Bakery Is Now Open in Old Town Scottsdale

Ok, Aussies. The wait is over. 

As of last week, The Great Australian Bakery is officially open in Old Town Scottsdale, bringing culinary classics from Down Under to the Valley of the Sun. The bakery, located at 7217 East Main Street in Scottsdale, serves a menu of sweet and savory baked goods including sausage rolls, pasties, desserts, and more. 

The menu highlights a selection of meat pies including a version of classic shepherd's pie made with peas, carrots, and tomato paste topped in a layer of mashed potatoes, to a beef-and-pork filled sausage roll and a mincemeat pie made with ground beef and onion. Each pie costs about $7, while pasties, which come in either beef and vegetable or veggie, cost between $5 and $7. 
According to bakery owner Laurence Lindahl, an Australia native who's been in the States for more than a decade, Australian pasties could be compared to American hot dogs in terms of their popularity and prevalence.  

"You never go to a cricket game without a seven-pack," Lindahl says — a "seven-pack" being a six-pack of beer and a pasty. 

To satisfy your sweet tooth, the bakery also serves pastries including custard tarts, turnovers, scones, and either apricot or raspberry crumbles. One of the most popular options, however, might be the lamingtons, a popular Australian dessert comprised of sponge cake that's coated in chocolate and shaved coconut. 
The bakery also offers coffee and espresso drinks. 
Down the line, Lindahl says he hopes to offer more Australian products, including Vegemite and Australian candies, as well as to offer the baked pies and pastries wholesale to other local restaurants. For now, the bakery is open 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday. 

For more information, visit The Great Australian Bakery website. 
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