The Return of Mr. Pholtosa and His Northeastern Thai Cuisine
Jackie Mercandetti

The Return of Mr. Pholtosa and His Northeastern Thai Cuisine

If you have been to Siam in Glendale or, more recently, Thai E-San in Central Phoenix, then chances are, you have tasted Pete (or, in Thai, Tossapis) Pholtosa's offerings of classic Thai cuisine as well as specific dishes from his home in northeastern Thailand.

Now, Pholtosa's resurfaced with Pete's Thai Cuisine, his new restaurant in Phoenix. Here's a bit of my experience:

"The thought occurred to me when the steaming sticky rice arrived in a small bamboo basket. Like children suddenly permitted to play with their food, my guests and I excitedly passed the container around, joyfully plucking out chunks of the gummy rice, wrapping them around pieces of pork jerky, and popping the pairing into our mouths. Chewing slowly, we let the sweetness of the dried, marinated meat take the edge off the lingering effects from earlier bites of spicy papaya salad.

"Ahhh," somebody said. It was probably me."

Can you handle the heat? How 'bout the $7.77 buffet? Check out the rest of my review on Pete's Thai Cuisine here.

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