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There's a New Marzipan Company in Phoenix and Tammie Coe's a Fan

Danish-born Charlotte Wetche stayed in Arizona for love, but her family's 103-year-old marzipan company remained in Denmark. Not a good thing for Wetche, who missed the flavors she remembered from home. So, in November, she obtained the rights to sell marzipan -- the confection made from ground almonds and sugar -- in the U.S. from the company her great grandfather founded in 1909 called Odense Marcipan.

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It wasn't long before her marzipan started becoming popular with the Valley's community of pastry chefs -- most notably, sweet treat queen Tammie Coe.

In an interview with the Phoenix Business Journal, Coe said the Odense Marcipan line has better consistency than previous marzipans she has used in the past, citing the use of more finely ground nuts making for a better quality product. Coe went on to add that she likes the idea of working with a Valley-based company and admires how Wetche is carrying on her family's tradition.

Other product lines of Odense Marcipan are sold via another distributor to retail stores such as Walmart and Fry's, but Wetche's marzipan is a more Euopean version that has not been available until now and will be limited to the Internet and specialty bakeries.

Odense Marcipan is different from what most Americans think of as marzipan. It is not a sugary, paste-like product used to create flowers and other figures. Odense Marcipan is 60% almonds providing for a rich and versatile flavor whether by itself or in recipes.

You can buy Wetche's Odense Marcipan products online via their website.

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