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Thoughts and Predictions for the Local & National Food Scene in 2012

Hey, it's a new year and you've already got a ton of things going on -- we get that. That's why we've put our top thoughts and food predictions posts for the national and local food scene in 2012 all into one convenient format.

Here's an excerpt on what could happen to the Valley's food scene this year:

"Food Trucks Peak, Then Get Screwed: With the first Food Truck Festival, Food Truck Fridays at Phoenix Public Market, and more new mobile kitchens coming onto the scene than you could throw a spare tire at, there's no denying that the Valley's food truck phenomenon exploded in 2011. So what happens next? In 2012, Valley chefs and local restaurants deliciously get into the act (Think a Barrio Queen restaurante sobre ruedas or a Chef Christopher Gross Grub To-Go) and even add cocktails and beer offerings into the mobile mix. But then, when the food truck star is shining the brightest -- the supernova: Corporations like Wendy's, Chipotle, and Denny's smell money, create their own mobile eateries, saturate the waters, and eventually start screwing everything up. Ugh."

Get more Valley food predictions, as well as national ones, along with my five wishes for the local food scene and five ways to eat better in the new year from Chow Bella writer Jennifer Woods here.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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