Valentine's Day Break-Up Gift and Everybody-Wins-Nobody-Loses-Time-Waster-Show, in "TV Dinner"

Looking for the latest in tasty television? Need to know the need-to-watch episodes of your favorite foodie shows? Chow Bella is here to help. We're reviewing the most delectable and dreadful with a handy, must-see schedule so you won't miss a thing.

How exciting! A box from your sweetie has arrived at your front door for Valentine's Day. Is it flowers? Candy? A Shiba Inu puppy from Japan? Hell, no -- it's the talking, lopped-off arms of Mickey Mouse telling you to cease all communication with the sender. Immediately. Before yours is the next body they find in the canal. And if you actually put them on when received, you're creepier than they are. Deal-effin'-breaker.

This week's TV roundup and this weekend's must-see food show listings after the jump.

Reviews and Previews:

Boring? We thought we knew boring watching the "finale" of Worst Cooks in America but England's Last Restaurant Standing on BBC makes Worst Cooks look like Jersey Shore. Seriously, an hour-long episode and it ends in a three-way tie? Congratulations, you've just wasted the hour we could have been reading up on Chef Beau's Scottsdale arrest. Those restaurants are standing all right -- standing in the way of better TV.

This weekend, we can't wait for Mexican Made Easy, where Marcela Valladolid is making beer-battered fish tacos. Bueno! We're also looking forward to a breakfast, Southern-style, on Down Home with the Neelys. Here's the weekend schedule:

Saturday (February 13)

Mexican Made Easy: "Family Favorites." Beer-battered fish tacos, served with tequila-infused salsa and lemon cream sauce. Also: chocolate cake with flan. 10:30 a.m., Food Network

30-Minute Meals: "Meat Free and Fabulous." Stuffed zucchini with pasta and butter-lettuce salad with leeks and tomatoes complete a meatless meal. 11 a.m., Food Network

Down Home with the Neelys: "Sleepin' In." Southern breakfast dishes are made, including buttermilk pancakes; sautéed collard green; bacon-and-cheese grits; and banana bread with honey. 12 p.m., Food Network

Sunday (February 14)

Ten Dollar Dinners: "Steak Dinner." French-cut steak, served with potato cake and a winter-kale salad. 1:30 p.m., Food Network

Big Daddy's House: "Easy Elegance." Prepared: gnocchi with peas and bacon' seared black bass; warm mushroom salad; and chocolate-ricotta tiramisu. 2:30 p.m., Food Network

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