Veggie Girl: Safeway deli

By: Megan Irwin

The desk of a New Times reporter, made prettier by her sandwich.

I am in a major time crunch today after the holiday weekend (during which I was stranded at DFW airport for eight hours...), so for lunch I visited my favorite cheap sandwich spot in central Phoenix: the deli at Safeway. For real. Sandwiches are my favorite food and, surprisingly, this grocery store deli makes a great one. And it's under $5. It's so good that I normally eat at least half while driving back to the office. I restrained myself, for your benefit, today.

It feels a little weird to sing the praises of a deli inside a national chain grocery store, but I have to say, they've figured out the two most important parts of a great sandwich: hearty bread and fresh ingredients. I could name a few locally owned businesses in the same area that would be so much better if they just followed these rules.

The deli doesn't have a vegetarian sandwich on the menu -- which is actually why I like it. I get to make my own, which means it has everything I love on it. Today mine was on wheat bread with avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and olive tapenade. They offer a meal deal where you can get it with soup, but I suspect it's made with chicken stock, so I avoid it.

By the way, I noticed your comments on my last post asking about where to find a good vegan breakfast. I'm on the job, and am visiting Mandala Tea Room this weekend to test out their vegan brunch. If there's anything you'd like to see here, or anyplace you'd like to suggest, don't hesitate to let me know: megan.irwin@newtimes.com.

one more look at my glorious (and filling) sandwich.

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