Wine Regions 101: Sonoita/Elgin

Welcome to Vine Geeks, where Brian Reeder and Pavle Milic of AZ Wine Merchants take the drinking game quite seriously. Pay attention -- you might just learn something.

One of the consistent columns I'll be writing as the resident 'vine geek' will be about different wine regions around the state, nation, and world. I really want to lift the veil of what makes a wine region special, and why that's important to the wine that's made there. Wines from Sonoita and neighboring Elgin tend to be spicy, full of fruit and more tannic than elsewhere in Arizona. This means that wines from this area can be beautifully robust while maintaining balance, and pair wonderfully with a wide variety of foods.

Here in Arizona, we are currently only blessed with a single AVA (short for American Viticulture Area; this is an area that is distinguishable by its geography as a grape-growing region). So what better place to start a little series about wine regions of the world than right here in our home state!

If you're looking to get out of the city, and beat at least a little of the heat this summer, Sonoita/Elgin is a perfect little getaway. And I really do mean little. With more wineries than hotels, gas stations, and grocery stores combined, this area leaves little for you to do but enjoy the majesty of the landscape, the refreshingly cool(ish) temperatures, and taste some delicious wines.

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Brian Reeder
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