Slammin' Salmon Roll -- good idea?
Slammin' Salmon Roll -- good idea?
How Do You Roll?

Would You Invest In Subway-Style Sushi? How Do You Roll? to Appear on ABC's Shark Tank

If you've been to the chain-infested corner of Seventh Avenue and McDowell in Central Phoenix, chances are you've seen or experienced How Do You Roll?, the fast-casual eatery that lets customers build their own sushi rolls, a la Subway, from an array of traditional and non-traditional ingredients.

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Based in Austin and with 12 locations nationwide, How Do You Roll? founders Yuen and Peter Yung have been feeding customers their "McSushi" since 2008. But is their fast Asian franchise a business worth investing in? The Yungs (and America) are about to find out this week on ABC's Shark Tank.

Would You Invest In Subway-Style Sushi? How Do You Roll? to Appear on ABC's Shark Tank

Like American Idol sans the singing, Shark Tank is ABC's reality TV show where people pitch their ideas, businesses, and products to five filthy-rich investors. The entrepreneur may ask for a certain amount of money or percentage of the company and the sharks ask questions, offer feedback of both the snarky and sensitive sort, and can make offers using their own scratch.

Current sharks on the show include Mark Cuban, notorious owner of the Dallas Mavericks; real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran; and urban fashion leader Daymond John.

"It's always exciting getting to talk with smart business people," Yuen, How Do You Roll? CEO, says. "Of course, I was a little nervous pitching to the sharks; they're sharks for a reason."

The How Do You Roll? segment of Shark Tank will air on ABC at 7 p.m., Friday, February 15. Check your local cable guide for details.

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