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Your New Favorite Foodstuffs Email: Foodiacs

Heaven knows we get enough crap sent to us via e-mail (did we really sign up for fingernail tattoos?), making enlisting in any new adventures a cautious exercise akin to Seinfeld "sponge-worthiness."

Lucky for us, Foodiacs, a free, email-based service tailored specifically for folks interested in food-related products and events, is launching on Tuesday, September 6th.

With an eye for exclusive offerings like gourmet food, specialty kitchen equipment, and elite culinary tours and classes, Foodiacs plans to send a newsletter every one to two weeks to keep its subscribers up to date on the trendy and cool in the culinary world.

Check out more on Foodiacs or sign up for their newsletter, here.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld