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Trump Launches Arizona Ground Campaign

U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump recently appointed 30-year-old Aaron Borders, Second...


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Mass Shootings Are Contagious, ASU finds

In Aurora, Colorado, last week, jurors headed to the courtroom to hear death-penalty arguments...

Signs of the Times

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Phoenix Rallies With 100K Others for Bernie…

Last night, in 3,500 locations across the country, about 100,000 people tuned in all at once to...


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12 Reasons AZ's Child-Welfare System Has Problems

A new report on child welfare in Arizona reveals some startling statistics that help explain why...


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Joe Arpaio's Incredibly Shrinking Posse (w/Update)

It ain't just Sheriff Joe's poll numbers that have dropped like a hot rock on thin ice. Arpaio's...




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