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VA's Flaws Produce Another Dead Soldier

May 4, a Wednesday. Luis Mariscal Munoz called the Phoenix VA Health Care System to say he...


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Arizona Lawmaker Denies '01 Wife-Beating…

State Rep. Sonny Borrelli defended himself on Monday regarding scathing details in a recently...

Arizona Capitol

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Meet Arizona's Oldest Delegate to the DNC

From outside, Geraldine "Jerry" Johnson Emmett's house looks like any other quaint single-family...


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Top 5 Flaws of AZ's Pot Initiative

The two main issues behind a cannabis-legalization law set to make the ballot this November are...


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Could Phoenix Get as Hot as Kuwait City?

Think it's hot out now? Summertime high temperatures in Phoenix will average 10 degrees hotter...

Green Fatigue



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