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Pro-Gun Author Doesn't Shoot Straight, Say Critics

Among the masses of men in cowboy hats and steely-eyed women in “Babes with Bullets” T-shirts at...

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Seniors Quit Light Rail After Seeing Fight

Perhaps Ken and Terri Johnson of Tempe need to get out more. After recently witnessing a fight...


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Ann Kirkpatrick to run against John McCain

Ann Kirkpatrick, a moderate Democrat and Arizona Congresswoman, announced on Tuesday that she...


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Backpackers Caught With 659 Pounds of Pot

The U.S. Border Patrol caught 18 camo-wearing men trying to smuggle 659 pounds of marijuana in...


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Motion to Dismiss Cross-Border Shooting Case…

Oral Arguments will begin this afternoon over a motion to dismiss Rodriguez v Swartz, a widely...

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