10 Things Found Only in Bachelor Pads

It shouldn't shock anyone that men and women might prefer to live in significantly different situations, but the truth is a lot of guys will clean up their lives (or at least their homes) when they get into at least a semi-serious relationship. You might think your boyfriend or husband leaves your home a dirty mess now, but just ask him about his place before he got together with you. Not every guy lives in a pigsty, but there are some things that can be found in most bachelor pads and generally not any other adult's home.

Here are 10 things that you probably won't see anywhere a woman's living.

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10. Dirty socks

Sure, a lot of women and guys in relationships might leave some dirty laundry on the floor or maybe even on a counter, but dirty socks are the one thing you'll virtually never see outside of a bachelor pad. Maybe it's because so many people hate feet, but somehow leaving the T-shirt you wore yesterday is borderline acceptable, whereas a pair of smelly socks could be a relationship-ender.

9. Video games

This isn't to say that women don't play video games, or that a man can't be in a relationship and play video games at the same time, it's just that they're a lot less likely to center their living spaces around a Playstation or XBox than a single guy is. Odds are, a guy with a girlfriend might have his old Nintendo 64 tucked away with a small TV in a spare bedroom, but the man who doesn't have to worry about his girlfriend coming over at any time is playing Mario Kart on the big screen in the living room.

8. Male Friends

For some reasons, when single guys live by themselves or with other single guys, their homes become a revolving door of other random dudes. Our theory is that most men would like to have their fellow males over more often than not, but their significant others might not appreciate the extra smells and messiness quite as much. Regardless of the reasons, you're a lot more likely to find a group of guys hanging out in someone's bachelor pad than anywhere a woman might live.

7. Plastic Cutlery

Silverware is one of those things that guys don't really consider buying even though they use it just as much as anyone else. Without a woman around, most of the metal cutlery in a man's home was probably either given to him as a gift (see: accidentally left there by a guest) or acquired from a fine dining establishment (see: taken from the diner down the street). We're not saying no guys have real silverware, we're just saying that you probably won't find any freshly washed plastic forks in a lady's place.

6. Messy Uncluttered Bathroom

Women make just as much of a mess in the bathroom as men, maybe even more, but the difference is the type of mess. Generally speaking, the worst part of a woman's bathroom is the amount of products and hair/makeup devices overwhelming every inch of counter space. For guys, there's not a whole lot of stuff to have in the bathroom, but it's messy nonetheless. Single guys' bathrooms are messy in a general filth sort of way, with plenty of dirt and body hair.

5. Lack of Cleaning Supplies

Why is the bathroom such a mess? Well, because odds are, there won't be a whole lot of cleaning supplies found in a single guy's home. You might find a vacuum and a broom, but you probably won't see very many bathroom cleaners or specific surface cleaners besides maybe an old package of some Clorox wipes. If you find the one guy who has a spotless shower and wipes down the counters after he cooks something, you should either marry him or run, because he's probably either the perfect man or a serial killer.

4. Freezer Full of Booze

Looking into someone's refrigerator or freezer can be an extremely telling look into their lifestyle. For bachelors, it should be no surprise that the freezer is primarily filled with whiskey, rum, and whatever other liquor can fit in it. There might be a bag of some microwaveable frozen chicken wings or a box of toaster oven taquitos, but that'll be about it. Why would single guys waste space on food when there's always delivery pizza and you can totally fit six handles of alcohol in the freezer?

3. Condiment to Food Ratio

Food without condiments can just be plain boring, so why wouldn't you load up on condiments? We may never actually have enough food to use all of the condiments, but no guy should ever be caught without ketchup or barbecue sauce when they bring in their favorite take-out chicken. Much like the freezer full of liquor, it just doesn't make sense for most single guys to waste that precious fridge space and money on food that you actually have to cook when you can just stock up on condiments to enhance food that other people cooked for you.

2. Poor Attempts at Things That Smell Good

If you're lucky, a bachelor might have one of those wall plug-ins that sprays a semi-decent smelling mist every few hours. Not every dude has a funky-smelling pad, but you can pretty much count on there not being any candles, fresh flowers, or other semi-natural good smells going on. While some guys prefer using Febreze-type air sprays, you'll always have those who figure their Axe body spray works just as well, and that's a scent that no one should have to smell upon walking into a home.

1. Empty Beer Cans

There's no stronger sign of an all-male living situation than a plethora of empty beer cans and bottles scattered around the home. The beer may change depending on age and preferences, but walking those metal and glass drinking containers all the way to the trash can is too much work for single guys at any age.

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