New Times picks the best things to do in metro Phoenix from Friday, July 15, through Sunday, July 17. For more events, see our curated online calendar. 

Science with a Twist
Whether you grew up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy or reading Carl Sagan, there’s no rule that science stops being cool once you hit puberty — let alone adulthood.

Expanding on the Arizona Science Center’s Adults Night Out series is Science with a Twist, a 21-and-over grown-up geared evening of presentations and participation on Friday, July 15.

July’s “H2O” theme features stations for learning the chemistry of beer brewing with Four Peaks Brewing Company and testing your skills on the AZ Bounce Mechanical Surf Board. Central Arizona Project will give a limited-seating talk about bringing water to a thirsty desert, while strong-stomached students can try their hands at squid dissections.

The big kids take over from 6 to 10 p.m. at 600 East Washington Street. Tickets are $12 for non-members ($10 with membership) and include discount entry to other exhibits. Call 602-716-2000 or visit for a list of future themes. Janessa Hilliard

"Nature in Notion"
Seinfeld fans know how desperately George Costanza didn’t want his worlds to collide, but for artist Thuong Nguyen, it is the combined elements from his life in Vietnam and here in Arizona since his arrival as a refugee in 1975 that inspire his mixed-media artwork. His current exhibition, “Nature in Notion,” incorporates both Western and far Eastern imagery and materials, to examine his own sense of place. Nguyen’s abstract pieces are complex and involved, exploring the differences in the two cultures, along with man’s relationship to nature – they often include a simultaneous mix of specific patterns and bold, unhinged brush strokes. View the art and meet the maker from 6 to 10 p.m. on Friday, July 15, at Chartreuse, 1301 Grand Avenue. Admission is free. Call 480-544-2162 or visit Amy Young

Cosmic Archery
Since archery has become kind of a thing over the past few years, it’s just about time to add in another element. What about strobe lights, blacklights, and high-energy music? Perfect.

Get stoked for Cosmic Archery on Friday, July 15, at Archery Headquarters Academy, 6401 West Chandler Boulevard in Chandler. Participants get 15 minutes of instruction, followed by 45 minutes of intergalactic shooting from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. – though it’s required you arrive 15 minutes early.

The event is designed for beginner-level shooters ages 8 and up, with all equipment provided by AHQA. Tickets are $30 at, and may the odds be ever in your favor. For more information, call 480-940-1814 or visit Lauren Cusimano

Daniel Silva Book-Signing
Globetrotting art restorer and spymaster Gabriel Allon returns in Daniel Silva’s latest political potboiler, The Black Widow. In this 16th entry in the Silva’s acclaimed series, Allon is recruited by the French government to assassinate Saladin, the mysterious mastermind behind a horrific terrorist attack in Paris. To accomplish this, Allon recruits the titular Natalie Mizrahi, a beautiful doctor, to infiltrate ISIS’s inner circle to strike her prey, who is planning an even bigger attack. 

Silva is signing copies of The Black Widow at the Poisoned Pen, 4014 North Goldwater Boulevard in Scottsdale, at 7 p.m. on Friday, July 15. Hardbound copies are available for $27.99. Call the Poisoned Pen, 480-947-2974, or visit for more information. Michael Senft

Iron Boy 34
In person, a boxing match is a stunning, visceral thing. The slap of hard leather against skin, the shuffle of rubber shoes across the mat, the hiss of breath after a fighter’s lightning-fast jab. When you’re breathing the same air as the men and women battling inside the ropes, you feel every punch as if you were taking it yourself. Real bouts, like the ones featuring local talent you’ll see at July 16’s Iron Boy 34, are something not only to be watched, but experienced. And if you’re able to experience them at a venue like Celebrity Theatre, where the ring is viewable in the round, all the better.

Experience Iron Boy 34 at 6 p.m. on Saturday at Celebrity Theatre, 440 North 32nd Street. General admission tickets are $29; ringside is $54. Call 602-267-1600 or visit for more. Zach Fowle

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