5 Favorite Vintage Shops on 7th Avenue in Phoenix

Metro Phoenix is endearingly called the Valley of the Sun, but we've also taken to calling it the Valley of the Vintage -- and not just because of the senior citizen population. Lightly used and deeply loved clothing, furniture, and accessories can be found all over town, and while the treasure hunt might take a bit of driving, it's worth the gas money. And so Jackalope Ranch presents a 'hood-by-'hood look at favorite vintage shops in metro Phoenix. Our first stop is the vintage Mecca of Phoenix, the Melrose District along 7th Avenue between (mainly) Camelback and Indian School roads.

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Sweet Salvage On the third Thursday of every month, something magical happens, Sweet Salvage opens its doors for four days only to allow vintage lovers to pore over their décor and shop for one of a kind items. Sweet Salvage creates a new theme each month to enhance the retail experience; this month, it's Summer Lovin'. The next sale will be from Thursday, June 20, to Sunday, June 23. Good items go fast, which is pretty much all of the merchandise, so be sure to get there before it's all gone.

Qcumberz The merchandise at QCumberz is as quirky as the name suggests. The Seventh Avenue staple carries everything from retro furniture to shabby-chic accessories to windows and doors that haven't been used since long before your mom graduated high school. QCumberz is filled with hidden treasures. The store is huge and sprinkled with nooks and crannies. Each room beholds a new find, but the main event is the vinyl record room, which includes the likes of Van Halen and The Police. The concert Ts are truly collectibles at around $90 a shirt. Fear not, Qcumberz has something for everyone, so it's worth a little scavenging.

Retro Ranch Affordable vintage clothes and antique furniture and accessories are hard to come by if you're looking for quality pieces. Fortunately, Retro Ranch has got the goods when it comes to antique jewelry, vintage dresses, and Midcentury Modern furnishings. The back left portion of the store is reserved for clothing, a collection mostly comprising colorful blouses and dresses. Baby Boomers will be in heaven over memorabilia from their childhood like an ice cream sundae set for $12 or a collection of '60s black light posters. It's the little things that count and Retro Ranch has taken that to heart. The pièce de résistance is the window display. The theme for Christmas last year was Apocalypse Noel, and we love a store with a sense of humor.

Antique Sugar Antique Sugar is the only place on our list purely devoted to fashion from the 1920s through the 1980s. The shop carries everything form formal to casual to costume. Co-owner Anna Marie Sanchez says, "We do a lot of '60s because of Mad Men and the 1920s are huge right now because of [Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation] Gatsby." It's more than a place to find an outfit for a themed party because of the vast collection of wearable vintage in the price range of $15 to $65.

Modern Manor The best way to transform your home into something reminiscent of Palm Springs circa 1960 is by decorating with the help of Modern Manor. Phoenix boutiques offer an ample selection of mid-century furniture, but the warehouse-style setup at Modern Manor is unrivaled. Manager Dominic Fasano says, "It's all about shapes, lines, and colors." The warehouse is home to more than a few Saarinen style tulip tables, but we can't stop thinking about the marble one for $1,850 in near perfect condition. The eclectic inventory is more than just MCM, as quality ironwood and industrial pieces keep things interesting.

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