Alibis: A Cologne for Cheating Men (Now Available at the Strip Club)

In today's example of how to find out how dumb your girlfriend is while high-flying your douche bag flag after a late-night visit to the strip club comes Alibis

The new line of fragrances is the result of some serious brainpower behind Mavericks club in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Now available over the greasy counter is real, scented evidence that you weren't in fact at the strip club, but that you have a set of equally bad excuses for not coming home.

Scents currently include working late (cigarettes, coffee, ink, and wool suits), broken down car (fuel, burnt rubber, grease, oil, and steel), and out sailing (fresh ocean spray, sunscreen, aqua, and cotton rope). You can grab each for a cool $37. 

Welcome to natural selection of the 21st Century, when men are stupid enough to not to just roll around in a puddle of grease first, and their girlfriends are stupid enough to believe them. 

Stay tuned for upcoming scents (our suggestions: I rescued a cat from a burning tree (cat piss, bark, and smoldering ash), I had a study group (old books, sweaty underclassmen, and Red Bull), and I'm not clever enough to come up with an excuse for coming home at 4 a.m. (tequila and strippers) on the Mavericks website.)

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Claire Lawton
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