Fill in the Groove, Scottish Highland Games, Matsuri, Canibus, and Black Fag Over the Weekend

Fill in The Groove Vinyl Art Show at Hoodlums The 3rd Annual Fill in The Groove Vinyl Art Show went down last night thanks to Hoodlums Music and Movies and Decorated vinyl from artists around the world adorned the walls as DJ Johnny D. played a few records of his own. The pieces will remain up until mid-April...see photos

Scottish Highland Games at Indian School Park For two days this weekend, a corner of Steele Indian School Park was transformed for the 47th Scottish Highland Games. Saint Andrew's Cross was flown, the sound of bagpipes filled the air, and many men in kilts could be seen wandering the park. Clans from across the state gathered to share their heritage, and spectators came to watch men and women toss cabers and throw hammers in the games. Featuring Scottish, Irish and Welsh song, dance, food and drink, the event was hosted by the Caledonian Society of Arizona...see photos

Arizona Matsuri 2011 The 27th annual Arizona Matsuri festival was celebrated with true Japanese culture and passion. The weekend long festival included dance, musical and technique performances and also introduced a beer garden. Those who attended were dressed in their Japanese Street Fashion or Cosplay and had a Kilauea Ice in one hand and a bonsai tree in another...see photos

Black Fag at The Rogue Bar Henry Rollins, circa 1982, is an absolute archetype of manliness. Covered with tattoos and boiling over with testosterone, Hank the Tank thrashed his way through live gigs and dispensed plenty of punches as the frenetic frontman for Black Flag. Meanwhile, punks and skins in the audience would attempt to match Henry's slam-dancing up a storm in the pit...full story

Canibus at Club Red Listening to a Canibus album, you can feel his hunger, which he prides himself on. He loses none of live. "I'll be in the crowd if you ain't controlling it," he shouted during "How We Roll." His energy was contagious and had the small crowd moving, especially during his famed LL Cool J diss track, "2nd Round K.O." Many tried to sing along, shouting out his compacted lyrics...full story

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Jonathan McNamara