Local Fashion: Vintage Mama

Some things in life we have to work hard to make happen, but sometimes, if we're lucky, things just fall into place.

For Xoe McAleece, creating Vintage Mama was a natural extension of something she had already been doing; she designs clothes for real women who want to wear something a little different and want to feel great wearing it. "My goal at the end of the day is to make something for someone that makes them feel at their most beautiful,"says Xoe.

After years of designing clothes for friends and family, Xoe decided to make it official. In 2008, she was inspired by two of her greatest loves, vintage clothes and her 3-year-old daughter Keegan, so she gave her venture the name: Vintage Mama.

"Vintage clothes and fabrics have always inspired me, and now being a mother has inspired me in so many ways," says Xoe. "And the word mama is so 1970s, I just love it."

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As a child of a librarian and a nationally-known expert in historic home preservation, Xoe developed an affection for old things early in life.

"I've always loved old things, old books, old houses, old records," says Xoe. "They all have a distinct smell and character that new things just don't have ... and they've been loved by someone else."

Between a steady stream of orders and selling her designs at the Fair Trade Cafe and on Etsy, Vintage Mama is starting to turn into a real self-sustaining business.

Although she resists predicting the future of her company and is just trying to enjoy each new project that comes her way, Xoe concedes: "My ideal situation would be creating as many things as possible for as many people as possible, and if I could live off of it, that would be great, too."
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