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Medieval Times Is Coming to Phoenix

The King overlooking the jousting tournament.
The King overlooking the jousting tournament. Blake Benard
Who said chivalry was dead? Eleventh-century swordsmanship, knights, and rivalry are all coming to Phoenix when Arizona's first Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament castle opens early 2019.

Leigh Cordner, the creative director at Medieval Times, broke the news in a Reddit AMA on February 26. The location and opening date weren't specified. Not many details are available at this point, and Medieval Times has not responded to Phoenix New Times' requests for comment.
Medieval Times first opened its doors to the American public in Florida in 1983. Since then, eight other castles have opened in cities including Chicago, Atlanta, and Orlando. The opening in Phoenix will be the 10th castle in the Medieval Times franchise.

The dinner theater-style entertainment is known for silverware-free dining and everything medieval, with real sword fights, weaponry, and falconry.

According to Cordner, the Phoenix castle will feature a brand-new show with knights on horseback, a royal court, and a two-hour jousting tournament.

"You could see our ‘old show’ at one location, and our ‘new show’ at another, but once we install all locations, they will all be the same for the next few years," Cordner said on Reddit. "The 'new' show will be installed for the Phoenix opening."
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