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OK, so the guy's from Tucson and now lives in Washington, D.C. And we're not really sure where Princess Sparkle Pony comes in. But we still adore Peter Huestis' blog, and we think you will, too.

He moved away many years ago, but Arizona's been on Huestis' mind. Recently, he wrote:

I've already mentioned that when you grow up in a weird, weird place like Arizona, its other-worldliness doesn't become apparent to you until you leave and experience "normal" places. And then, after leaving, you find out that, to most people, Arizona might as well be Mars.

We caught up with Huestis by email in D.C., where he works at the National Gallery of Art. (He tells us his first one-man show of paintings was at Metropophobobia in Phoenix.) He says that now more than ever, he has the urge to document Arizona for outsiders.

"I just feel the state, as messed up as it is, is being seriously misrepresented lately," he writes. "People think Arizona is weird, which is true, but they really have no idea just how bizarre it is."

Now they can, from looking at Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo blog.

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Huestis has been writing about AZ for a while. Check out his "interview" with John McCain's "gay sweaters" from a couple years back.

Gay sweaters? We'll just say that it's hard to pinpoint his style; the blog makes us happy, what more do you want?

More recently he's featured a collection of old flyers from Tucson's punk rock glory days and funny recollections from a trip to the Petrified Forest. The best images are from his brother, Andrew, who has agreed to contribute photos for Huestis' "This is Arizona" theme.

We love the roadrunner (hey, those things are hard to photograph!) and the Paul Bunyan (we've got one in Phoenix, too! or maybe it's his cousin) at Stone and Glenn and Tucson, which Peter says he worships as a "stern but benevolent god."

We hope the Huestis brothers keep the AZ topic going for a while.  

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