Project Ethos: Bikinis, Dresses, and Flavor-Inspired Fashions in Scottsdale

On Friday night, Project Ethos made a stop on its nationwide tour in Scottsdale, promising to combine art, music and fashion on the Axis/Radius runway. 

The event, sponsored by Vitamin Water Zero, Frederick's of Hollywood Swim, and Cardiwrap by Kymaro, transformed the Scottsdale club into an open-air art gallery and a runway stage. Divaz Boutique had a booth set up just outside of the gallery space and VitaminWater Zero bottles covered every possible ledge, counter and tabletop.

See our rundown on the art, music, and fashion after the jump ...

photo by Ryan Wolf
Tucson artist Nick Georgiou with his paper sculpture.
The Art: Guests milled about the paintings outside and inside the venue. The "pop-up" gallery ​featured local artists Bob Price, Davin Lavikka, Gary Phoenix, Gilead, Jaber Al Saria, Nick Georgiou, Nina Pak, and Titus Castanza

The Music: Local indie-rock band Snake! Snake! Snakes! were well-received by the crowd and infused a much-needed sense of energy to the event. Local DJs William Reed, MCB and 2tonedisco also played throughout the night.

But before the crowd could see the challenge contestants, a quick runway show was co-hosted by a semi-apathetic Arizona Cardinal Kerry Rhodes. 

The runway shows by Frederick's of Hollywood Swim, Cardiwrap by Kymaro, and Rebecca Turley kicked off around 11:30 p.m.. 

Frederick's of Hollywood brought the predictable scantily-clad bikini babes, throwing beach balls into the crowd where the receiver (who you can see in this week's Magical Moment) won a free suit from the collection. And the Cardiwrap show was pretty plain -- one piece of clothing, worn several different ways in red and black.

Local designer Rebecca Turley previewed her Fall 2011 collection with the familiar vintage flair and fabric-tie details. The show, with its flared sailor pants and silk blouses, felt too conservative for the Scottsdale crowd, but the sleek minidresses at the end of her show revived the club. 

After the shows, the VitaminWater Zero challenge contestants premiered their competing looks, where the winner would be determined via text message by the audience. Each designer made a frock meant to embody the beverage's vibe. After the votes were tallied, Shantidas Contu-Owen took home the prize.

Check out the full slideshow to see the contenders.  

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